Miqqi in the Media

One thing about being an out cross dresser is that you have to do a fair bit of media. We are, after all, a rare breed. Most CDs are in the closet, and have no real reason to come out. Unlike a transsexual, you can live a happy life as a closeted cross dresser. There are club events and outings, conferences, and getaways where you can dress en femme, and then return, perhaps reluctantly, to reality. I came out because i have tenure and, therefore, cannot be fired for espousing something unpopular. I felt that as i had that protection, it was incumbent upon me to stand up for the many who do not. What i never expected was the amount of media attention I would receive. for a taste, read my Tapestry column, “Smile—You’re in the Globe and Mail.”

What I have links to here are but a few of my more well know and durable interviews and appearances. There are many others, but they can no longer be accessed. The first three at the top are especially interesting and current. Others include several talks on Gendertalk, numerous student newspapers, radio interviews and television appearances.

Michael A. Gilbert/Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
2013 Now Magazine

2007 Article in Toronto Life Magazine
[no longer online]
2007 Now Magazine
2007 11 minute TV profile on CBC
2007 Article in the Toronto Star
2005 MacLean's Magazine
1999 Salon: Ivory Tower
1998 Chronicle of Higher Education - this is the article the Globe picked up