Arguing with People

Arguing With PeopleWritten by:

Michael A. Gilbert

Publication Date: June 02, 2014 144pp • Paperback / PDF ISBN: 9781554811700 / 1554811708

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Book Description

Arguing with People brings developments from the field of Argumentation Theory to bear on critical thinking in a clear and accessible way. This book expands the critical thinking toolkit, and shows how those tools can be applied in the hurly-burly of everyday arguing. Gilbert emphasizes the importance of understanding real arguments, understanding just who you are arguing with, and knowing how to use that information for successful argumentation. Interesting examples and partner exercises are provided to demonstrate tangible ways in which the book’s lessons can be applied.


"Arguing with People invites its readers to reflect on the varied purposes of argumentation, while at the same time calling for reflection upon the manifold physical, social, emotional, and spiritual resources that are drawn into the journey from disagreement to the meeting of the minds."
- G. Thomas Goodnight, Professor at the Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism, University of Southern California

"This book represents a valuable pedagogical resource for general education and critical thinking courses. It should also be of considerable help in all university courses where argumentation is central."
- Claudio Duran, York University

"Arguing with People makes good reading. It is a practical introduction to the background that Argumentation Theory provides to Critical Thinking. Written in a highly accessible style, it gives a clear overview of various relevant insights. In addition, a series of useful exercises aimed at improving argument skills is included. This combination makes Michael A. Gilbert's book unique in its kind."
- Frans H. van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam & Leiden University

"Gilbert's Arguing with People interjects the person-centeredness of argumentation studies into the rigor of critical thinking projects. Gilbert is both a philosopher and a novelist, and this book displays both precision and intuitive insight."
- Dale Hample, University of Maryland

Michael A. Gilbert is Professor of Philosophy at York University and author of several books on argumentation, including How to Win an Argument and Coalescent Argumentation.

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Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: All About Arguments

  • About Arguments
  • The Stages of Argument
  • Kinds of Argument
  • Polemics vs. Argument

Chapter 2: All About Arguers

  • Who Do We Argue With?
  • Argument Modes
  • Coalescence
  • Argumentativeness and Aggressivity
  • Gender and Argument

Chapter 3: Arguing with People

  • Heuristic, Ethos, Audience
  • Watching the Process
  • The most Important Belief You Can Have
  • The Rules
  • Coalescent Argument
  • Arguing Well
  • In Action
  • Final Words

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